Series 2000 Top Drive Rigs

The Washington Series 2000 is a low profile rotating control head designed for top drive rigs or work over rigs. The frictional engagement between the drill string and stripper rubber rotates the control head with the drill string sealing off the well bore continuously while diverting all cuttings and debris. Whether you are drilling gas, oil or geothermal wells, Washington Rotating can accommodate all your diverter needs.This unit is designed to be used with our Part #2010 Stripper Rubbers and will seal off all drill steel from 2″-5″ OD


Dynamic Test Pressure (Rotating)150 psi

Static Test Pressure150 psi

Maximum RPM (Intermittent)300 RPM

Stripper Rubber MountingScrew On

Rotary / Table DriveYes

Top DriveYes

Oil SystemSelf-Contained Pressurized

Series 2000 Top Drive Rigs

To Learn More Information About The Series 2000 Top Drive Rigs Rotating Control Device, Please Download Our PDF By Clicking The PDF Image Above

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