Pneumatic Diverter Systems: What You Need to Know


The First Pneumatic Diverter System In The Industry

What Is It?

The Divertech Pneumatic Diverter System is a compact, easy to install accessory for diverting drill cuttings away from the drill rig. The patented “Flow-Thru Boot” expands from the Divertech spool to form a seal against the ground or rock face, allowing cuttings to be diverted through a Flow Line — with or without casing in the borehole.
A compact vacuum system (included), is utilized to retract the pneumatic boot for access to the borehole, and when borehole construction is completed, the vacuum system is also utilized to place the unit in “travel position.”

How Does it Work?

pneumatic Diverter SystemsThe Divertech Pneumatic Diverter System is equipped with a multi-stage flow through rubber boot system, which is inflated with air. Inflated to only 10 psi, the boot system on the standard unit exerts over 1,000 pounds of pressure against the ground. Once inflated, the boot requires no further air flow to remain pressurized. Since the boot is flexible, adequate sealing is obtained even on unlevel terrain. A small, easily mounted vacuum system is used to retract the boot when the job is finished.

Water Well Drilling

Divertech will become an indispensable part of your drilling operations. Your drill will stay cleaner, and require less maintenance, because all drill cuttings, water, and drilling foams are diverted away from the base of the drill. Shoveling is eliminated, which will provide more time for other necessary duties, while the casing hole is being drilled. Where a well is being constructed near a dwelling or in a critical location, cuttings can be diverted to a specific area, selected by the driller or property owner, where they will do the least damage.

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