About Us


  • We manufacture a full range of diverters, including tubing heads, rotating control devices, non-rotating diverters, weld-on diverters, and more.
  • We patented an innovative line of pneumatic diverters specifically designed for water well, mining, and exploratory drilling.
  • We specialize in customizing our products to meet our customers’ specifications.
  • Our well-stocked inventory and responsive service team are geared to get your rig back up and running in record time.
  • We are able to rent our product within the Marcellus and Utica shale plays through our rental division, Arch Rental.
  • Washington Rotating is a woman-owned business.

Based in Southwestern Pennsylvania, we’ve served the industry since we recognized the critical need for a compact, easy-to-service rotating control device dating back to 1973. Since then, we’ve been striving to design and build the most durable, most dependable rotating control devices on the market. Today, energy companies and drilling contractors who use Washington Rotating equipment experience less downtime. They rely on us to help keep their operations clean, safe, and environmentally responsible, because they know our technology efficiently channels hazardous gas, steam, cuttings, and drilling fluid away from the rig and personnel.


We enable drillers globally to operate with greater safety, economy and dependability. We create value by continuously improving our technologies, our processes, our products, our services, our business practices, and ourselves.


  • To be a leader in the global market, with an ever-expanding product base that anticipates our customers’ needs.
  • To manufacture the highest quality rotating control devices in the industry.
  • To be an environmentally responsible enterprise.
  • To be a respected business that cares for our employees and supports our community


It all started with a downtime situation.

One hot summer day in 1976, a driller brought a seized-up rotating control head to Bob Johnston’s machine shop in Washington, Pa. It seemed that the control heads that the driller had been using couldn’t take more than a week on the job before they needed to be rebuilt. Swapping them out meant lost time — and lost revenue. Bob and his machinists looked the head over. They told the driller they had a few ideas that just might solve his problem. A week later, the driller came back and Bob showed him a whole new idea in rotating control heads. Instead of the old roller bearings, this one had thrust bearings. It had better lubrication seals, and a commercial oil-metering valve. “As long as you keep the oil line hooked up,” Bob said, “I guarantee you’ll get at least a month out of it.” That head didn’t run for a month. It ran for four.

Good news travels fast in the pipeline. And soon, Bob was making control heads and diverters for drilling contractors all up and down the Appalachian region. That was the beginning of Washington Rotating Control Heads, Inc.

Since then we’ve grown, but we’re still family-run and now woman-owned. Bob’s daughter is making sure that Washington Rotating continues to manufacture the high-quality products that our customers have come to know and trust. Our original customers — and hundreds of new ones, across the U.S.A. and around the world — keep coming back, because they know we won’t settle for anything less than long-lasting performance, unbeatable service, and cost-effective custom solutions.


Washington Rotating Control Heads’ products are used worldwide in all types of drilling environments. We proudly manufacture our products in Washington, Pennsylvania in the United States and ship them around the world for oil, gas, mining, water well, exploratory, and geothermal drilling. Areas shaded in blue indicate countries where Washington Rotating products can be found.



Washington Rotating Control Heads, Inc. provides its best efforts to meet our customer’s demands and is committed to meeting customer satisfaction through effective use of our Quality Management System.


Washington Rotating is committed to manufacturing high-quality products in an OSHA compliant environment. We vigorously pursue relevant safety, quality and environmental certifications, which provide assurance to our customers that they are receiving a superior product from a responsible and proactive manufacturer.


API SPEC Q1 & ISO 9001:2015

At Washington Rotating Control Heads, our top priority is Customer Satisfaction. Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on manufacturing a dependable, premium product. In an effort to combine this conviction with a recognized mark of excellence, we embarked on a certification process for our Quality Management System.

For manufacturers in the oil & gas industry, The American Petroleum Institute (API) offers the most respected and applicable accreditations. After more than two years of modifying and refining our internal processes, we proudly achieved our API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications in March of 2016. We aim for continual improvement in order to maintain these certifications.Our API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications offer our customers the assurance that they are consistently receiving a quality product.

At Washington Rotating, our Quality Management System includes, but is not limited to, the following standards:

  • Management Team’s commitment to quality
  • Monitored and controlled manufacturing performance
  • Secured and controlled quality documents, data and records
  • Qualified and monitored suppliers
  • Calibrated equipment for effective monitoring and measuring
  • Incoming and outgoing inspections for all material and equipment
  • Control and disposal of non-conforming product
  • Effective system for corrective and preventative action
  • Continual improvement of our quality system