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Washington Rotating Control Heads, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer of rotating control devices for oil, gas and geothermal drilling.
Washington Rotating has always strived to make the best rotating control head in the international market. Our control heads are used worldwide in all types of harsh environments.

Available Products

API Falanges

API Flanges in Stock and Ready to Ship

11" R-53 with 8-5/8" 8rd coupling 6 available
11" R-53 with 9-5/8" 8rd coupling6 available
11" R-53 2M/3M double drilled with
10-3/4" 8rd coupling1 available
13-5/8" R-57 with 8-5/8" 8rd coupling4 available
13-5/8" R-57 with 9-5/8" 8rd coupling4 available
13-5/8" R-57 with 10-3/4" 8rd coupling2 available
9" R-49 with 8-5/8" 8rd coupling2 available
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“We have used Washington Rotating products (airheads, rotating assemblies, etc.) for 31 years. Their products are considered the standard of the industry and certainly live up to that billing. They answer all of our questions and give us very prompt service. Very professional, very helpful. I would highly recommend Washington Rotating to anyone. “

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